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Air conditioning swing fan motor magnetic ring manufacturers explain the basic theory of magnetic ring

The magnetic ring itself is an energy consuming element in theory, while the inductor is not an energy consuming element in theory, which is a big difference between the two types of components in theory. The magnetic material of the inductor is not closed, and the typical structure is the magnetic bar. Part of the magnetic force line passes through the magnetic material (the magnetic bar), and part is in the air. The magnetic material of the magnetic bead is closed. The typical structure is a magnetic ring. Almost all the magnetic field lines are inside the magnetic ring and do not emit into the air.

Magnetic ring of the magnetic field strength changes unceasingly, will in the magnetic induction current, magnetic ring selects high hysteresis coefficient and low resistivity magnets can put these high frequency energy converted into heat energy, and consume, and inductance, on the other hand, should choose low hysteresis coefficient and high resistivity of magnets, appears in the inductance in the frequency band of as much as possible consistent inductance value, so, The difference of structure and magnetic material determines the substantial difference between magnetic bead and inductance.

The following air conditioning swing fan motor magnetic ring manufacturers to talk about the specific clarification of magnetic ring:

(1) It is very convenient to use, directly set on the cable that needs filtering.

(2) Unlike other filtering methods, grounding is not required, so there is no special requirement for structural design and wiring harness.

(3) When used as a common mode choke, it will not cause signal distortion, which is very valuable for transmitting high-frequency signals.

Air conditioning set fan motor manufacturer of circular about the circular and common ferrite big difference is that it has a lot of losses, buckle with the card type magnetic ring inductance, resistance is closer to its features, it is a add and add the resistance of the resistance with the frequency, when high frequency signal through ferrite, electromagnetic energy in the form of heat dissipation.

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