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How to choose a suitable curtain motor?

Nowadays, electric curtain because of its fashionable tide, beautiful and easy and fast more and more suffer customer warm welcome. Electric open and close curtains are widely used in homes and hotels for their warmth, elegance and magnificence. So how to choose the right curtain motor?

Curtain motor is the manager of electric curtain. To choose a good electric curtain, be sure to choose a suitable curtain motor first. According to the switching power supply is not the same, curtain motor bonus two kinds: communication motor and DC motor. The output power of the communication motor is large, but the noise is also large; The noise relativity of DC motor is low, but the load relativity is small.

Open and close curtain motor is generally a square motor. In public places such as hotels and restaurants, the window area is large, window cloths are heavy, and communication motors are widely used. In the home hall and bedroom, the need to build a relaxed and noisy natural environment, DC motor is widely used.

  • Release time: 2021-12-13
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